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About Stuart Leon

Stuart Leon is a trial/injury lawyer who works exclusively on bicycle accidents in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. He has 23 years of courtroom experience and is in court most days representing a bicyclist. He wins medical benefits, bicycle replacement and compensation for his clients. If you have been hurt in a motor vehicle or road construction/defect related bike crash, Leon can recover your damages. He works with a team of investigators and experienced bike specialists to get you full compensation under Pennsylvania state law.

Leon is a graduate of Widener Law School and lifelong resident of the Philadelphia region. An avid cyclist, Leon is an active member and supporter of the local bicycle community. He lives with his family in Jenkintown, PA.

Now, more than ever, bicyclists are riding Pennsylvania’s streets. In Philadelphia, there are twice as many road cyclists as there were three years ago, according to the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia. While that’s great news for bike advocates, it also means more are riding with vehicle traffic. If you get hit and hurt, you are entitled to compensation for medical and related expenses, bike damage and, in some cases, lost wages. You have these rights even if you don’t have health or auto insurance.

In an accident, you are entitled to:

1) The Right to Medical, Hospital, Ambulance, Doctors, Therapy and all Follow-up care. We recover damages through:

Coverage of hospital bills and bicycle damage by the other driver’s automobile insurance policy or your own. 

Benefits from a Pennsylvania accident fund, particularly if you’ve been victim of a hit and run or a driver without insurance and have no insurance of your own.

Government-mandated medical service fees to dramatically reduce your hospital bills [ often 80 to 90 percent reduction]. We demand hospitals apply mandates. Examples of reduced hospital/trauma charges: $28,400 down to $1,750; $32,800 down to $3,500; $53,250 down to $1,34;, $92,230 down to $3,953

Lost wages, disability payments.

Pain/Suffering and bike/equipment damage/repair charges when we prove fault of driver.